Reaction and Populism: Towards the Unpozzed Republic

Having been made by elites to dive headlong down the outhouse hole into the muck beneath, the common people have began to notice that it stinks and is very unpleasant down there, and are expressing the wish to come back up, hose themselves off, and go back to normal. Hence the populist turn in politics throughout the West these past few years. The working people express their will by voting in plebiscites (Brexit, Trump) or theatrically make that will manifest in the streets (les Gilets Jaunes), all as suits their local customs and traditions. They also discuss the situation amongst themselves, as is their inherent right as (nominal) citizens in (ostensible) Republics, one of whose mottoes is vox populi, vox Dei. Read more


Reaction and Trash Talk.

Common sense is unfortunately a rare commodity in clown world, and it’s becoming rarer as the very people who are supposed to be the voice of Reason in the vast nuthouse North America has become sometimes seem bent on proving that they can be even dumber than Leftists when they really feel like it. Super-smart and diligent people on the so-called “Right” can descend to subterranean depths of stupidity far lower than that of merely dumb and feckless people, because smart and diligent people are willing to really work for it and have the brain-power it takes to bring forth brilliantly idiotic fruits from their efforts. They take things that, for the merely dumb and feckless, would be so much idle trash-talk and develop it into nothing less than a formal philosophical system, drawing out all the logical implications of the shit-axioms with full Scholastic rigour in a way that the average beer-addled hockey fan or whatever would lack the wherewithal or desire to prosecute.  And where the average drunken hockey fan would still have enough basic class and sense not to talk this way when there are women and kids and/or respectable and serious people around, the Scholastics of shit of course post the results of their shit-disputations on the Internet where everybody can see it and get a good whiff of the aroma. Read more