How To be King, in Point Form.

One of the first orders of business in the renewal of Statecraft for Restoration is defining the scope of Statecraft. This scope is enormous. Statecraft is a total human science, a synthesis that draws together everything from the nuts and bolts of everyday public policy to philosophy and even theology. Systematically defining the field and parsing it into subdivisions seems a very daunting task. To this end, I thought it would be a good a idea to turn to the world of old books for exemplars, and so present my translation of the tables of contents of vols. II and III of Restoration de la Science Politique by the immortal Karl Ludwig von Haller, the father of Reactionary political science and the man who actually coined the term, “Restoration”. These two volumes specifically cover issues pertaining to patrimonial States (i.e. those in which Sovereignty is a personal right based on proprietary ownership), and do so exhaustively, treating everything from abstract principles of Natural law to the details of a lifestyle fit for a King. I hope the tables prove to be useful in stimulating thought and discussion on positively and systematically defining the field of Statecraft in terms of both generalities and particular specialties and subspecialties, and also hope to arouse interest in this absolute classic of a book, one of the greatest treatises on the State and Statecraft I have ever read. 

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