Wherein I look under the hood of the cult of modern freedom and purport to discover some things not mentioned in the sales brochure. Check it out at Thermidor Magazine, a brand-new publication that’s sure to go far.


2 thoughts on “The Liberty of the Slaves

    1. Thanks Testis, and also for bringing up Cortes, who directly addresses an important factor I only alluded to in the article, namely the importance of the modern State’s unprecedented monopoly on armed force:

      You believe, Gentlemen, that a monarchy and a government cannot go beyond absolutism. However, the barometer of political control had to rise even higher, because the religious barometer continued to fall: and the political barometer did in fact rise higher. What did they create then ? Standing armies. Do you know what standing armies are ? To answer that question, it is enough to know what a soldier is: a soldier is a slave in uniform. So you see once again, when religious control falls, political control rises, it rises as high as absolutism and even higher. It was not enough for governments to be absolute; they asked for and obtained the privilege of having a million arms at the service of their absolutism.

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