President Trump has assumed undisputed charge of the Republican Party. I say President Trump in advance of the results of the forthcoming Presidential election, not as a forecast, but as a statement of present fact- for he already is President, having been elected by an authority higher than any pithy democratic ballot-box, namely Spirit (in the Hegelian sense of the term). Having dropped onto the political scene as though out of nowhere only a year ago, he has single-handedly and with iron will done what all conventional wisdom held could not be done: he smashed the Establishment political machine, deleted its operating system, and secured the conditions of a new dispensation of the politics of the Right.

To be sure, he did not simply conjure the latter out of nothing; the underlying set of cultural, social, and economic forces that make up its raw material had already emerged quite some time before he got there; but without his transformative intervention, that same raw social stuff could never have actualized its world-historical potentiality. The new Right-wing consciousness would have continued to assume yet half-risen forms: a general inarticulate sentiment on the part of the proletariat that something’s not quite right with the country these days, a bunch of image-board memes and desultory troll raids, and a smattering of high-end conversations amongst an avant-garde of disaffected intellectuals in an online wilderness beyond the pale of the official University system. It remains for Trump to uplift all this to the level of the Objective and Universal, namely, the State, as the highest form of secular social consciousness. The first stage in the process of the Hegelian aufhebung is already complete: the ground-floor social sentiment and opinion has been given substantive political existence by being formally incorporated into the political programme of one of the two historic governing parties of the country. Having ascended from the level of purely private opinion and sentiment to the public level of national politics,  the next step, if all goes well, is for the new consciousness to ascend to its highest form as the policy of the State and as the law of land under a Trump Presidency. It will have progressed from mere opinion (binding on nobody) to ideology (binding on a party or faction) and thence to Law  (binding on the entire Nation, and additionally something the entire world will have to reckon with).

As midwife to this process, Trump is the Hegelian Great Man, nominated by History to tell his time what it wills, to embody the rational soul of the times (Zeitgeist) and reflect it back in the fullness of its own actualized and aufgehoben form. He is already President; what remains is for the people to recognize him as such, and thus complete the process of self-becoming that has begun in them, but can never be completed by them, without a Great Man to serve as boot-disk with respect to the process of Becoming.

It follows that what’s coming up in November is no “democratic election”, no matter that every person in the country not a visitor nor a child nor a felon will be able to cast a ballot- for Trump is much more than some sort of proxy or representative of working-class interests in the State. Banal representative democracy has nothing to do with it. The relationship is much more immediate and organic than that; he is the very corporate unity of the working class, its embodiment in the strict sense of the term. In his acceptance speech, he made it clear that he is not there to give the working class a voice, but rather announced to the working class that:

I am your voice.

This, I think, is the most elevated sense of the much-maligned term, “dictator”: he who acts not as a mouthpiece for this or that class interest, but as the mouth, and as the face and head more generally, of an organically unified class body.

N.B. this means that Trump is dictator by Nature, no matter that it remains up to the people to legally elect him to office. The working class can be said to “elect” a Great Man and organic dictator in no sense more meaningful than an individual person can be said to democratically “elect” the part of his body above his neck. Since the individual can’t choose his head, but is stuck with the one that is the organic outgrowth of his body, the only choice is between having and using that head, or not. He could choose to hide his face from his fellows in mute silence; he could choose to let the gifts of the intellect atrophy in desuetude; and he could, for that matter, choose to blow his head off altogether and trade existence as a conscious and embodied organic being for the dissolution and disintegration of biological death. But he can’t without abuse of language be said to have voted for or against his own head in any case.

Similarly, the working class can cast whatever ballot it wants, but it can’t vote for or against its own organic dictator. It can choose to speak with the voice, and show out the face, given it by Providence- or to remain silent, invisible, and impotent before the State, helplessly absorbing the latter’s abuse in a mute stupor. It can, by making the thought of the Great Man its own, and recognizing its own will in his, choose to become a class-for-itself, or not- at a stage in the historical game where remaining stuck in the unthinking plant-like existence of the class-in-itself is no longer an option, and any refusal of Becoming would instead entail, for the working class, something collectively analogous to biological death at the individual level.

Is this all so much over-wrought rhetorical hype and/or metaphysical hoo-haw?  Chronic structural unemployment; community and family disintegration; cultural genocide of faith and tradition at the hands of proselytizing SJW crusaders; descent into a culture of poverty and social and individual pathology (alcoholism, addiction, suicide, criminality, etc.); and even outright annihilation by the immediate and mediate effects of open-door immigration and population replacement- all this and more is not just on the horizon, but already well underway. And the future has a lot more of it in store for those who select themselves out of History, those who, like the suicide that blows his own brains out, exist in a static torpor of which ongoing decay and entropy are the only aspects that continue to participate in time, and in that sense alone can be said to have a future.

The White working classes can look to the unhappy conditions of First Nations people in Canada for a glimpse of what this future looks like- excepting that the genocide-by-attrition of the White proletariat will, unlike that of the Indians, be carried out without apologies, without Crown treaties, and without billions and billions of dollars per annum of social expenditures by way of reparations. The White working class will simply be left to perish; it will perish; and it will deserve to. Workers of America, choose your destiny accordingly.    


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