Inside the Mind of the Cathedral: How the Left Thinks

Ever wonder just why it is that folks on the Left get so easily outraged and personally offended when somebody disagrees with them? To be sure, everybody has felt at least a little disgust and opprobrium towards ideas they believe immoral and depraved, eye-rolling exasperation at ideas that are blatantly illogical or otherwise in error, heat in a debate, and so on like that. These sentiments are all perfectly natural and, when properly ordered, indeed healthy. But the Left seems to have a special propensity to take dissenting thoughts and points of view as urgently threatening even where they concern only minor points of order, and react to them with horror and loathing morbidly exaggerated beyond due proportion,  less because of any particular contents of those thoughts and points of view than simply that they dissent and disagree with the (actual or supposed) Leftist consensus. Thus it happens, for example, that SJWs ostentatiously affect being grievously traumatized by the mere fact that some speaker gave a public lecture on campus, even though none of the putative victims actually attended the lecture or even had any idea what it was supposed to have been about aside from having heard that the speaker was critical of the agenda of the Left in some way. Read more


The Universe in a Bean: Christianity, Mysticism, Ontology

Testis Gratis of Ad Calvarium makes a thought-provoking case for a revival of Christian mysticism as a corrective against a long-standing onslaught of faux-Buddhism, New Age “spirituality”, and “yoga” stripped of its original purpose and intent (which most Westerners would scarcely be able to comprehend, and would resoundingly reject if they did) and dumbed down to mere physical exercise. Read more