Liberal democracy as we have known it is dying, and will soon be dead. What thinking person today supports it any longer? Its theory, in its various iterations from the Keynesian welfarism of the Left to the classically Liberal laissez-faire Constitutionalism of the so-called “Right” is intellectually bankrupt, absolutely washed up, hardly taken seriously even by its proponents, who recite it only on a transparently rote and platitudinous basis, and only when they stand to gain personally from doing so. Its practice is gridlocked and utterly contemptible, stripping away the final vestiges of the former gravitas of the State in the prosecution of a politics debased to a pro-wrestling level of dignity. Its society and culture paradoxically juxtapose a pusillanimously unthinking lock-step conformity to an ever-expanding infinity of petty rules and regulations with a burlesque celebration of insubordination, depravity, intoxication, criminality, and insanity that would be worthy of a traditional Mardi Gras travesty, or better yet, a Satanic Black Mass- save that the latter are self-avowed parodies of a social order they do not seriously pretend to overthrow, whereas the antics of Liberalism are perfectly earnest and deadly serious in their intent to create a new Man and a new order of things. And already the foundations of the whole edifice are visibly beginning to crack under the stress of it all, and a cesspool of social pathology festering beneath starting to seep through.

The real question now is no longer if, or even when, that edifice will collapse, but what comes after. The so-called “Left”, for its part, has expressed admiration for the one-party “market Socialist” government of present-day China with more and more candour over time,  to the point where a Leftist leader of at least one G8 State (PM. Justin Trudeau of Canada) is brazenly open about it. Meanwhile, the new, dissident Right vacillates between Romanticism and Futurism; one extreme end of the pole exalts Pagan barbarism, the other technological optimism to the point of joining hands with Transhumanism, where other points in-between try to juggle tradition and innovation, past and present, populism and elitism, and not always very congenially or successfully.

The new “Left”, in all this, schemes to seize power and milk it for all the venial gain it’s worth today, without any regard whatsoever as to whether or not there will be anything left to exploit tomorrow- for the typically self-confident hubris of its members absolutely forestalls self-doubt, and foresight along with it. Meanwhile, the new Right, congenitally more humble and conscientiously responsible to a fault as Rightists always are, by contrast seeks to build a sustainable framework in which posterity can flourish.The most important and well-known of these is the “Formalist” scheme, closely associated with the name of Mencius Moldbug, which proposes, as an alternative to the Liberal State in which nothing is what it seems and real power is wielded by a system of elite fractions of the ruling class with no actual formal authority to do so, private seizin of the entire State and national territory, and subsequent administration on a for-profit basis by a CEO advised in camera by expert technocrats.

The new “Left”- together with the old, established “Right” that sycophantically aspires to an officially-tolerated rump status in the new scheme of things- more or less openly envisions a government of the very privileged for the very privileged, with a few patronage crumbs doled out to traditional chandala-caste constituencies amongst the dregs of the people (e.g. Blacks and Latinos in the USA, First Nations in Canada, etc.), with blue and white-collar workers alike, most of them Whites, at once abandoned to rot in the sun and made to serve as tax-cows if, when, and to what extent they succeed at avoiding indigence under their own power. This latter class is already in the process of being effectively disenfranchised through what is colloquially known as “political correctness”: a form of ritual cant, cobbled together from the detritus of the dense academic theories of the old, Socialist Left, fluency in which is a pre-requisite and test of individual fitness for participation in public life and authority more generally.

In this latter respect, “political correctness” has the same gatekeeper function with respect to entry into the highest echelons of public life and administration as e.g. Catholic dogma in the Middle Ages, humanistic and/or legal learning at various stages of the Modern period, Confucian and, later, Communist thought in China, et cetera. The difference, as Moldbug points out, is that “political correctness” is entirely incoherent, illogical, and subject to sudden unpredictable change- which makes entry into the ranks of the ruling class from the outside, although theoretically possible, practically impossible except where established insiders see fit to allow it on a wholly arbitrary basis, since there can be no objective test of mastery such as e.g. a bar or other formal examination. Additionally, since this discourse is explicitly predicated on nominalist and irrationalist epistemological grounds, there can be no formal method or canon of interpretation of its precepts, which has the effect of allowing the “politically correct” ruling class to denounce any challenge or critique of itself as viciously depraved and dangerous at will- an accusation from which there can be no defense, and which carries grave social, economic, and legal repercussions, not least of all because, where political correctness was once an mere eccentricity of University life affecting only professors and students, it has metastasized, through the vector of human-resources policies and personnel instituted by business enterprises anxious to please a bloated neo-polizeiStaat  on steroids dangerously powerful to reward ideological friends and punish enemies, into the workplace in general.

All of this conspires to leave the working classes, blue and white-collar alike, without elite representation in the State, the ideological apparatuses (education, arts, journalism, etc.), the corporate boardroom, and even the water-cooler. Meanwhile, a key component of politically correct dogma- Feminist ideology- drives another nail into the coffin of working-class representation in the “democratic” State and civil-society organisms by holding out, to working-class women, a sort of vicarious participation in the ruling class by way of a fictive collective personality of Womanhood writ large in which e.g. the fast-track promotion of elite women to elite positions of authority amounts to a victory for women-in-general against the Patriarchal Oppressor- and it goes without saying that the values, interests, and wishes of the working classes are “patriarchal” by Feminist definition to the extent that they conflict with those of the ruling class. This conspires to split the popular vote and render the working class incapable not merely of acting politically as a class for itself, but even being mobilized under elite leadership where the latter makes itself available (e.g. Trump and Sanders). More generally, and by design, Feminism exercises a sociologically terrible destructive effect on that class manifested in a living encyclopedia of social pathology and dysfunction: anomie, divorce, celibacy in men and career sexual delinquency in women (esp. in the youth), drug abuse, social withdrawal and/or criminality, abortion, and different things like that. The sociolytic effect on family and community obviously aggravates the political disability. Isolated and neurotic individuals, as a rule, neither lead nor follow; they get out of the way.

The foregoing, without further qualification, suggests that this post-Socialist new Left has a lock on the apparatuses of social, economic, and political power sufficient to parlay its already long-won, de facto domination of public life into formal, outright de jure seizin over the State. It isn’t especially hard on the imagination, at this point, to see an American government of the near future declare itself the sole legitimate interpreter- in the Federal sphere of competence, at least- of a Living Constitution finally freed from the dead weight of generations of dead white males that for years thwarted and perverted the arc of its own historical fulfillment; and in that capacity, proceed to abolish the existing electoral process and efface the distinction between State and Party, with (or without) the negotiated toleration of a nominally cuckservative GOP rump, and perhaps also a nominally Socialist rump of the old Left, whose function it will be to pretend to study, and then assent to, legislation, in much the same role as the long-decayed Senate in Canada plays right now, and for a minority share of the national spoils.

The Judiciary will not like this new system at first- but it will learn to content itself with applying the law to cases without power of review, since those of its functionaries who can’t get with the programme will simply be removed and replaced with more genial personnel. Jurisdictional turf wars between Federal and local authorities will continue to impose a very substantial barrier on the centralization of power; but most of the several states will end up duplicating the national system internally, with every possible inducement from a Fed no longer burdened by issues regarding the legality of forced participation in Federal programs. Dissenting speech will be censored under pretext of anti-discrimination measures as per present UK/European practice; non-conforming religion first taxed and then banned, on the same grounds; and police forces across the country will suddenly remember that they know how to control riots after all. The old-stock Yankees, who thought themselves freemen, will continue to be replaced by new stocks of migrant lumpen fitted by Nature and usage for servitude- not least of all because many of the former will be deemed political offenders (“hate criminals”), internally exiled via indefinite enclosure in carceral detention, and excluded from much of the labour market if and when released.

It goes without saying that the private possession of arms will be banned for non-Party members in good standing, who will also not only be disqualified from substantial positions of authority public and private, but have no access to the State whatsoever in a regulatory environment in which it is impossible to do substantial business without it (as is already the case). This membership, although theoretically open to all, will be very hard to come by, for reasons mentioned already; the social competition for this scarce resource will provide the Party/State with an enormous distributed and cost-free national police force of informers which will succeed at policing private speech online where no formal agency could.

This, then, represents how, and to what extent, political and class power will actually be “formalized” in the American short-run. As likely as it seems that all of this will be implemented, and sooner rather than later, none of it should be taken to taken to forecast some kind of Orwellian future in which all possibility of social and historical change will be frozen in time forever. On the contrary. The new, post-democratic and post-Socialist Leftist order will not be Hegel’s State standing alone at the edge of forever as the final stage in the progress of Reason in history, although its architects and rulers will certainly claim that it is, and actually believe this boast in their minds. The Left will succeed in erecting it, but fail catastrophically at administering it- for the Left’s will and skill when it comes to power goes hand-in-hand with its striking willful ignorance of the arts of governing and overall utter unfitness to wield the power it is congenitally so adept at seizing. The day after democracy will witness the onslaught of an epic cascade of failure, unintended consequences, and an exhaustive catalogue of individual, economic, and social pathology. The resulting crisis tendencies will be too great for any State to contain, let alone one owned and operated by anyone as frivolous, feckless, and foolish as the party of the Left is right now. The “accelerationist” contingent  of the new Right ought to be delighted at the prospect (and for all I know, have envisioned it all already).




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