Racialism, Tribalism, and the nation-State

Adam T.C. Wallace has a piece up at West Coast Reactionaries critical of the tendency of various racialists and nationalists to reduce every problem to biology and demographics. For this crowd, racial and ethnic purification and homogenization are seemingly not just the supreme, but the only goal of Rightist politics. Moral decay, family and community dysfunction, breakdown and disintegration, and pervasive individualism and materialism all disappear from view, and the politics of renewal understood as little more than some kind of bio-demographic laundry day where we’ll wash and scrub all the foreign dirt from our whites and be done with it. Read more


To fetter Leviathan with a Chain of Gold

In the best of all possible worlds dreamed of by the philosophers, we would dismember Leviathan. In the present, though, the task is to try, as best as we can, to limit its possible range of motion, the way we keep, say, a vicious guard-dog tied to a post so he can’t eat the neighbour’s cat or maul his kids. The notion that the gold standard provides solid material wherewithal to do just that is coming back into currency, and indeed I kick myself for not having thought of it earlier. Read more