Mass Mobilization, Elites, and Passivism

Political action has been getting very bad press from some quarters on the dissident Right as of late. We are told that any attempt to secure reform through mass mobilization can be no more than “demotism”, something that is at once contemptible in its democratic connotations and, moreover, intrinsically and hopelessly ineffectual as a strategy for the Right. This position holds, after Moldbug, that the great activist successes  of the Left in the 20th c. amounted to little more than a ritualistic public promulgation of policy choices that had already been made at the heights of the apparatuses of power (bureaucracy, university, courts, etc.) long before the “activists” got there; and the petitions, marches, sit-ins, and so on supposed by Liberal myth to have comprised a spontaneous and heroic popular “struggle” against a putative elite Oppressor on the wrong side of history actually a post festum “victory dance” whose chief function was to demonstrate that the social norms ostensibly being broken had, in fact, already lapsed into nullity and desuetude, and the authority behind them long since quietly deposed.  Read more


Racialism, Tribalism, and the nation-State

Adam T.C. Wallace has a piece up at West Coast Reactionaries critical of the tendency of various racialists and nationalists to reduce every problem to biology and demographics. For this crowd, racial and ethnic purification and homogenization are seemingly not just the supreme, but the only goal of Rightist politics. Moral decay, family and community dysfunction, breakdown and disintegration, and pervasive individualism and materialism all disappear from view, and the politics of renewal understood as little more than some kind of bio-demographic laundry day where we’ll wash and scrub all the foreign dirt from our whites and be done with it. Read more

The Day after Democracy: The Formalism of the Left

Liberal democracy as we have known it is dying, and will soon be dead. What thinking person today supports it any longer? Its theory, in its various iterations from the Keynesian welfarism of the Left to the classically Liberal laissez-faire Constitutionalism of the so-called “Right” is intellectually bankrupt, absolutely washed up, hardly taken seriously even by its proponents, who recite it only on a transparently rote and platitudinous basis, and only when they stand to gain personally from doing so. Its practice is gridlocked and utterly contemptible, stripping away the final vestiges of the former gravitas of the State in the prosecution of a politics debased to a pro-wrestling level of dignity. Its society and culture paradoxically juxtapose a pusillanimously unthinking lock-step conformity to an ever-expanding infinity of petty rules and regulations with a burlesque celebration of insubordination, depravity, intoxication, criminality, and insanity that would be worthy of a traditional Mardi Gras travesty, or better yet, a Satanic Black Mass- save that the latter are self-avowed parodies of a social order they do not seriously pretend to overthrow, whereas the antics of Liberalism are perfectly earnest and deadly serious in their intent to create a new Man and a new order of things. And already the foundations of the whole edifice are visibly beginning to crack under the stress of it all, and a cesspool of social pathology festering beneath starting to seep through. Read more

To fetter Leviathan with a Chain of Gold

In the best of all possible worlds dreamed of by the philosophers, we would dismember Leviathan. In the present, though, the task is to try, as best as we can, to limit its possible range of motion, the way we keep, say, a vicious guard-dog tied to a post so he can’t eat the neighbour’s cat or maul his kids. The notion that the gold standard provides solid material wherewithal to do just that is coming back into currency, and indeed I kick myself for not having thought of it earlier. Read more

Natural Law, the State, and Orlando.

It is written that the Natural law is inscribed in the hearts of all men; and this is very vividly illustrated in our spontaneous reaction to the vice of sodomy. Here the law coded in us all makes itself felt at the level of physiology, in the natural disgust, revulsion, and loathing most anybody, no matter how worldly and liberal they may like to think they are, experiences at the sight or even the thought of this particular vice. Read more